Saturday, November 29, 2014

Recreational Therapy

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April 11, 2015 @ Part D


Part A

I'm starting this blog because of the combination of courses that I have. 

The entire field of Therapeutic Recreation is so undervalued and underused.  

'Recreation' is a Greek work meaning to recreate the mind.  The Greeks have a long beautiful history of art, culture, and form and were the creators of the Olympic games.  I think they set the stage for global athleticism.

The field of recreation is highly analyzed because, like everything else, if you want job creation and grant money, like everyone else, then you have to prove it works.  

Recreation has long been known as a great deterrent to delinquent behavior.  Even some Senators from Ancient Rome 60 BC understood the significance behind keeping people's mind and bodies occupied.   The Government controls the money supply so where is that money going?  Is it supporting a heirachary (sp?) of paid dictators or is it keeping people occupied and out of trouble? 

From prisons, to mental health facilities, youth programs, senior facilities, facilities for special need's people, and on and on....all of these disciplines could benefit from strong, positive, recreational programs.   And think about all the jobs they create. 

Way too often, as salaries rise, organizations have cut services to pay for a rise in wages, and unfortunately the recreation budget is always the first to get chopped at, at a time when people need it the most.

Part B

As a trained recreational specialist I find this story very disturbing.  WHEN did Canada become so heartless that 'swat teams' replaced therapeutic and rehabilitative programs?


Part C

I think we fail as a society when we when we suppress people and don't offer the programs and services required to help all citizens of society become the best that they can be,   Replacing social programs with an increase in jails and oppressive incarceration is not a solution to societies' ills, in fact it is a contributor to social ills and not a cure.

"Today's youth need to be challenged and not cuddled."  Quote from Barny Dancing, one of the founding fathers of Canada's popular Katimavik youth program that was cancelled by Harper's Conservative Government to help pay for a $640. million dollar advertising blitz called 'Action Canada' that actually contained no jobs nor opportunities, it was all just a facade because all of their funds went to tar sands extraction, billions of dollar in scandals, and nothing else.


Part D

What happened to all of the 'therapeutic programs' that once existed in mental facilities?  Were they too cut to fund rising government salaries?